Winsock2 & overlapped IO

Mike McCormack mike_mccormack at
Mon Nov 5 19:59:12 CST 2001

Hi Ove,

>Hm, by the way, when are you going to implemented overlapped
>ConnectNamedPipe? That might make my rpcrt4 wait-for-connection code
a bit
>cleaner, so I don't have to spawn a separate thread per named pipe,
>worse, use TerminateThread to cancel the wait...

OK. i'll have a look at it. Having a full time job, a part time job
and a girlfriend to take care of kind of eats into my time though :-)

>The challenges for winsock2 should be pretty much the same as those
>implementing something like ReadFileEx (which you've probably already
>done) and the above-mentioned overlapped ConnectNamedPipe.

Yeah, ReadFileEx is pretty much complete. Perhaps i'll have a look
into overlapped sockets too... don't hold your breath though ;-)


btw. nice work on OLE/InstallShield stuff

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