Alexandre Julliard julliard at
Wed Nov 7 10:57:56 CST 2001

Andriy Palamarchuk <apa3a at> writes:

> I'm going to initialize system parameters from X
> settings only on the first wine process startup, so
> all other wine processes for the same wine server can
> see the changes made by the first process.

The X settings should probably be loaded lazily just like the
rest. Just check if the registry key exists already to find out if you
need to get the value from X.

Another possibility is to have the X driver set the registry values on
startup; this may actually be cleaner since then you don't need to add
new calls to the USER driver. Also I'm not convinced there are many
cases where we actually need to get proper values from X; what cases
do you have in mind?

> Other issue is fixed with this approach - the values
> in registry are not changed back to X settings on
> startup of new Wine process.
> Alexandre, the submitted patch is not affected by this
> issue because none of the system parameters there is
> initialized from X settings.
> Do you have any other concerns about the patch?

Not really; a few minor issues but I'll fix them when committing the

Alexandre Julliard
julliard at

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