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Wed Nov 7 13:16:58 CST 2001

Andriy Palamarchuk <apa3a at> writes:

> Changed system parameters won't be reset back to X
> settings?

Not if they are changed permanently; if we want them to be reset then
we simply should not set them and always query X.

Basically there are many possibilities:

1) get and set in registry, ignore X
2) get and set in registry, if nothing in registry get default value
   from X
3) always get from X, ignore registry, do nothing on set
4) always get from X, ignore registry, set X value on set (not

and there are even more combinations if you differentiate setting
permanently/temporarily. There is no single right answer, it all
depends on what the parameter does. IMO most cases should do 1), but
there can be exceptions.

> One case which comes to mind when such integration
> would be useful is system parameter which shows
> whether mouse buttons are swapped. Left-handed person
> can configure mouse after he ran Wine the first time,
> or the settings can be changed temporarily. We need a
> way to find out the system setting was changed and
> don't rely on saved value.

In this case I don't think we should query X at all, since if the
buttons are swapped at the X level this is transparent for
us. Otherwise the buttons will get swapped twice...

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