audio.c cleanup

Gavriel State gav at
Thu Nov 8 10:21:36 CST 2001

Alexandre Julliard wrote:
> Simon Britnell <ughbash at> writes:
> > This patch is based on winex cvs 1.14 and tidys up the
> > wodPlayer functionality to make it easier to follow.
> The WineX tree is not under the Wine license, so you cannot grab stuff
> from there. While I guess the Transgaming folks wouldn't object in
> this case, I'd prefer that you leave it to them to submit their
> patches back to the main tree, so that the license situation is
> clear.

While this is true in general, I've looked through the patch and
was unable to find anything that came from our tree.  In fact,
the differences between our audio.c and winehq audio.c is quite
small right now, and was even smaller on friday when this patch
was made.


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TransGaming Technologies Inc.
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