Two answers/questions from yesterdays and todays digests

Roger Fujii rmf at
Thu Nov 8 14:18:59 CST 2001

Robert Lunnon <bob at> wrote:

> >First, it seems like wine can't find the audio codecs,
> >though it seems to find the video ones.  Is this a
> >to-be-implemented or a bug and any clues on where to look?
> Is this in Solaris ?, 


> if so you wiould have to have OSS installed and even
> then I am not sure it would work properly.

I do have OSS installed (like Sun gives you a choice as far as audio
drivers go), and it doesn't.

> Investigating audio on Solaris I found that ACM was not happy unless 
> the audio driver was available and installed properly otherwise it
> returns Device Busy.

I know there is a problem with 4front's devaudio emulation such that
it will return an EBUSY if you open the device for READ and then WRITE
(but it doesn't fail for WRITE, then READ) - they're too busy to fix
the problem.

> I do have a working
> Waveout Solution for native Solaris based on my libaudioio project.  I've not
> tackled Direct Sound or Wavein yet. As yet this solution is not integrated
> with Wines Build environment so you can't set it up with configure. If you
> are prepared to grub through the relevant mods I can send you a patch kit.

actually, my main interest is to get the compressor(s) to work - don't care too
much currently to get the audio working (mainly due to the fact that the audio
drivers in solx86 is in such a sorry state).  I'll be interested once I get 
the current CVS to work again.


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