Regression errors

Guy L. Albertelli galberte at
Fri Nov 9 23:38:43 CST 2001

I have noticed two other regression issues with the patch to "Store in the
server all the window info... " (01/10/22 15:08:34). Both of these occur in
Outlook Express 4.

1. SetTimer call is not always generating WM_TIMER messages as it should. I

0806bb20:Call user32.SetTimer(00020057,00001003,00000000,6003a04c)
0806bb20:Ret  user32.SetTimer() retval=00001003 ret=6001e9e4

in the trace, but never is the callback routine invoked. Without the above
patch, the callback is invoked and does the painting.

2. A WM_KEYUP (wparam is VK_CNTL) message is generated and processed even
though no key is touched on the keyboard. If "-debugmsg +key" is specified
the message never appears, nor does any trace:key: entry.

Has anybody else seen or trapped these bugs?

Guy Albertelli  <<galberte at>>

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