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eric pouech eric.pouech at
Sat Nov 10 07:36:54 CST 2001

> I tried running Pajama Sam today (a Humongous Entertainment game), which used
> to run, with some sound problems, a while ago. Now, I get a dialog box on
> startup, saying that "No sound card was detected".
> 'wine -debugmsg +wave,+msys' shows multiple instances of the message:
> trace:mmsys:DriverCallback Null !
that fully normal if the waveOut device has been opened without

> err:msacm:wodCallback Bad data
that's stranger... 

first of all, do you know if the program uses MCI playback ?
if so, you could try to run the native MCI drivers to see if any diff

but, to start with, I think we should look at the reasons which lead to
the 'No sound card was detected'
could you send me the the relay lines before the dialog box comes up so
we can get an idea where's the problem comes from...

afterwards, I'll need the -debugmsg +wave,+mmsys,+mci,+msacm trace


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