Regression errors

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Sat Nov 10 10:06:18 CST 2001

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> At 12:38 AM 10/11/2001 -0500, you wrote:
> >1. SetTimer call is not always generating WM_TIMER messages as it should.
> >see:
> >
> >0806bb20:Call user32.SetTimer(00020057,00001003,00000000,6003a04c)
> >ret=6001e9e4
> >0806bb20:Ret  user32.SetTimer() retval=00001003 ret=6001e9e4
> >
> >in the trace, but never is the callback routine invoked. Without the
> >patch, the callback is invoked and does the painting.
> I am not sure if it's related, but I have seen something like that. I have
> it since much longer than this patch, though.
> It's about the paint count in the server. When there is a paint count > 0
in the
> server and the number of windows found to need a repaint (at the client
> is less than the paint count, the client can never get a timer event
> Try this patch to dlls/user/message.c to see if your problem is related :

Thanks Gerard. I will try it Tuesday. Going out of town till then.


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