More overlapped I/O issues (important)

Martin Wilck Martin.Wilck at
Mon Nov 12 03:35:07 CST 2001

On Sat, 10 Nov 2001, Mike McCormack wrote:

> The current overlapped code (with the above exception) is similar to
> what win 9x supports, so it does not support overlapped on normal
> files, and file offsets in OVERLAPPED structures. If that could be
> implemented too, it would be good.

In the patch I submitted, the pread() calls will fail on FIFOS, and
a normal read will be issued instead - so both should be fine (needs
testing, though).

> i guess there is choice now... implement overlapped sockets with the
> existing structure, or make a rather large change to the wine
> architecture, which might take a while.

I am convinced  that multiple simultaneous async read/writes need to
be supported. Moreover, the ReadFile()/WriteFile() calls need to
work on sockets, therefore two separate implementations are out
of the question.

Of course the goal should be to make this work using as much of the
existing code as possible.


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