Regression errors

Guy L. Albertelli galberte at
Mon Nov 12 19:05:12 CST 2001

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> >Thanks Gerard. I will try it Tuesday. Going out of town till then.
> Well, I have advanced a bit this weekend. I noticed that one of my
> test app does indeed show this regression after the patch we are talking
> about.
> As the case is a lot more simple than the one I was trying to debug
> before for this problem, I have been able to understand better what
> is happening. The problem shows itself in the following case :
> - invalidating a window
> - hiding it
> - deleting it
> and after that the paint count is > 0.
> I can make the paint count change correctly with the following change :

That patch fixes the hangs I was having. Thanks a lot. I think you should
submit it.


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