Gerard Patel gerard.patel at
Wed Nov 14 08:20:35 CST 2001

At 10:10 PM 13/11/2001 -0500, you wrote:
>Good day!
>regapi still works.  My little winelib program exits with no error, but
>leaves a stale socket and does nothing.  juno.exe, progman,
>I_view32.exe, and Dmitry's little About.exe leave a stuck wine process
>and a stale wineserver socket.  I expect there is general consternation,
>or else it has been fixed already, but I guess I will have to reverse
>the patch to see.

general consternation ? Well, I have about 20 test apps and 2 don't start
anymore, the rest working as well as before. That's pretty ordinary ;-)

I'm not completely sure if the patch is the culprit (I use Cvs and I get
several patches at the same time).

I don't have the time to investigate further right now. More later.


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