3D Studio 4 notes

Peter Bortas peter at idonex.se
Wed Nov 14 15:35:34 CST 2001

Gerard Patel <gerard.patel at nerim.net> writes:

> At 04:43 PM 14/11/2001 +0100, you wrote:
> <snip>
> >fixme:winsock:_get_sock_fd handle -1 is not a socket (GLE 6)
> >MSG   .0 fatal: getsockopt(SO_OPENTYPE) failed - Invalid handle
> This error message has already been posted several times
> on the news group. It was linked to the previous Wine version (october)
> Do you use last version (1108) or current Cvs ?

Current CVS. I just ran a cvs up -A to make sure. The only diff I have
from the main branch is the little hack that was appended to my
original message. It might be something like a missing /sbin/ldconfig
but I don't have a working X-tunnel to that computer at the
moment. Will check when I get home.

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