wine/ dlls/user/message.c include/win.h server ...

Bill Medland medbi01_1 at
Fri Nov 16 10:02:57 CST 2001

"Medland, Bill" <Bill.Medland at> wrote in message
news:8C156DB94BF414418FA2382DDCAEBA4A69C06F at
> Found the problem, not the fix.
> 2. (The real problem)PeekMessageW returns the message.  Now the handle it
> returns is the unadulterated one, not the potential child.  So what do we
> about that?  Get the server to return it?


The problem is probably not in the code; it's in the way that it is used.
It has demonstrated some sort of problem in the commctl code somewhere (at
least I presume so since using the native commctl32 resolves the
difficulty).  I'll look into it.


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