readdir broken when called from wine

Lionel Elie Mamane lionel at
Sun Nov 18 13:17:24 CST 2001


After "upgrading" from Wine-20010418 to Wine-20011004 (self-compiled
from tarballs), suddenly it didn't find my "C:\Windows" any
more. Worked before, same 'puter, config files, etc (TM). Tried with
CVS version. Nope. I recruited Andreas Mohr on #WineHQ for help, we
ruled out the obvious (yes, the directory exists, here is my config
file, no, I don't confuse root and non-root, ...), and got down to add
traces and dug in the code.

So, for some reason, the readdir calls from
files/dos_fs.c:DOSFS_ReadDir() report success (ie return non-NULL),
but the directory entry name returned (dirent->d_name) is always the
empty string (*(dirent->d_name)=='\0')!

So I checked if readdir worked generally on my system, it does, this
program does the expected thing:
int main(void)
    {//Tst code
      DIR *mydir;
      struct dirent *entr;
      mydir = opendir("/");
      while ((entr = readdir(mydir)))
	  TRACE("Dir_entry: %s\n", entr->d_name);

I even went the extra mile and compiled it with exactly the same
options (minus the various -I's) as dos_fc.c gets in wine, it works.

Then, I added that code snippet (without the "int main(void)",
obviously) to wine's main(). Worked. So I went down the stack of
called functions, putting that same snippet in each function to see
when it breaks:

It works "up to" (or down to?) loader/main.c:MAIN_MainInit(). That
function calls files/directory.c:DIR_Init(), and there, it doesn't
work (ie name is always empty string) in DIR_Init(). After DIR_Init()
returns, it still works in MAIN_MainInit().

I tried to find a difference between these files, but they get
compiled with the same compile options, combined by "ld -r" along with
other .o's in files/files.o, resp. loader/loader.o, and the two latter
go in

What could be the difference that makes readdir "break"?

I've put the test code snippet just before the call to DIR_Init in
MAIN_MainInit, and just after variable declaration in DIR_Init, so
it's not a function that DIR_Init calls that "breaks havoc".

Well... We're lost there. No idea. Anyone of you?

Anyway, here's some info on my system, just giving random info, I
don't really know which one will be useful:

Pentium III 500 / 440BX motherboard
SuSE 6.4 distrib "base" with several self-compiled "add-ons",
"upgrades", and some newer SuSE RPM's installed (from 7.0, 7.1 or
7.2). Along the latter (newer RPM than SuSE 6.4), the glibc...
Linux 2.2.20 (Was using .19 when problem started)
Soundblaster AWE32
3Com NIC (3C905B)
Adaptec SCSI controller (AHA-3950U2)
gcc 2.95.2
GNU ld 2.9.5

Err... What more??? Any additional info useful? Just ask. (except r00t
password, "of course" ;-> )

Thank you for your time,

Lionel Elie Mamane
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