Civilization2 segment register troubles

Ove Kaaven ovehk at
Mon Nov 19 11:00:03 CST 2001

On Mon, 19 Nov 2001, Jukka Heinonen wrote:

> I noticed that Civilization 2 has several problems under Wine.
> First, the game wants to access memory using segment register value 
> zero, which causes protection exception since that is not allowed
> in protected mode.

It doesn't really *want* to, but there's some bug or unimplemented feature
in Wine that causes it to fail to initialize a certain pointer. From what
I recall, this pointer would be stored as extra window data using
Get/SetWindowLong, but I didn't find out why it didn't get initialized.

> Second problem is that the game uses segment
> register value 0xf8, which Wine does not like.

Couldn't this be a result of the uninitialized pointer?

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