Patches for FreeBSD 5.x compilation

Christoph Hellwig hch at
Mon Nov 19 14:58:51 CST 2001

In article <20011119114247.B56821 at> you wrote:
> Note, I've also posted to the FreeBSD-current mailing list about
> this conflict.  Some developers have suggested the #ifdef _KERNEL
> protection you mention, and I suspect that this will be 
> implemented at some point in the future.  The stumbling block
> is that certain system utilities (gdb, ps, ptrace, etc.) need
> access to struct proc, which uses struct thread.  Until these
> utilities are updated, I doubt the #ifdef _KERNEL will be
> used.

SVR4.2MP/SVR5 uses _KMEMUSER for such stuff, I think it's the only
halfway sane method to allow this access to kernel internals.

In fact sharing structs directly between kernel and userspace
should just die, die, die...


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