interesting comment about WINE from MS

Igor furlan at
Tue Nov 20 10:42:54 CST 2001

As far as WINE and Mono are concerned, I'm just not sure whether these
organizations will end up being able to produce satisfactory products. The
real problem is this: it is not good enough for WINE to run some Windows
apps. If the general public is going to consume it, it must run all Windows
apps. Windows 2000/XP has a significant level of POSIX compliancy, but many
developers just don?t write their apps with these standards in mind. You'll
find pieces of code everywhere in third party apps which run statements
like if (WINVER==4.0 && GrokTheBIOSForSomeACPIGoo()), which have not been
tested to see whether they will run on non-Windows/x86 platforms. In fact,
Microsoft has had to put in significant time and effort to insure that
older Win32 applications originally written to run in Win95 will run in NT."

original article is here

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