Patches for FreeBSD 5.x compilation

Alexandre Julliard julliard at
Tue Nov 20 13:06:51 CST 2001

Steve Kargl <sgk at> writes:

> What I questioned was the criticism that FreeBSD was guilty
> of namespace pollution.  Alexandre isn't the only wine
> developer who made this statement (check usenet).  The header
> files in question are implementation dependent and can 
> contain any variable name or #define or typedef.  The fact is
> that both wine and FreeBSD have struct thread in implementation
> header files.  AFAICT, neither is incorrect.

The Wine headers that define struct thread are only used inside Wine;
the FreeBSD headers are used by applications, no matter how much you
argue they are internal headers. So the situation is very different.

> But, to have
> a wine developer emphatically state that FreeBSD needs to
> fix its system header files is somewhat surprising.  Why is
> it surprising to me? Because this reminds me a company here
> in Seattle. 

I couldn't care less whether FreeBSD fixes its headers or not; we will
need to work around the problem in Wine in any case. I was simply
expressing the opinion that changing this would make FreeBSD better.
I'm certainly not demanding that the FreeBSD guys fix it, if they feel
exporting struct thread is a good idea it's their choice.

Alexandre Julliard
julliard at

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