winedbg error

eric pouech eric.pouech at
Tue Nov 20 14:12:14 CST 2001

Dave Hawkes wrote:
> This occurs whenever winedbg attempts to load the symbols from a particular
> large application that I have, either due to a fault or if I start windbg
> directly on the command line. The debug terminal window will start with the
> winedbg starting message appearing and will them immediately terminate with
> this error.
ok, sounds like winedbg is loading MSC debug info and fails...
you could remove the assert in types.c (for DEBUG_CopyFieldlist)
another quick test would be to print, in DEBUG_CopyFieldlist, the
of the failed assertion:
  if (!(dt->type == dt2->type && ((dt->type == DT_STRUCT) || (dt->type
== DT_ENUM))))
	DEBUG_Printf(DBG_CHN_MESG, "Copyfield list mismatch (%d<>%d): ",
dt->type, dt2->type);
	DEBUG_Printf(DBG_CHN_MESG, " ");
	DEBUG_Printf(DBG_CHN_MESG, "\n");
just to see what gives...
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