New level of Shlwapi (parts 1 & 2)

Guy L. Albertelli galberte at
Wed Nov 21 15:03:53 CST 2001

Most of the shlwapi upgrades have been driven by my desire to be able to run
Outlook Express under Wine. (I know that there are other mail packages, but
the rest of the home uses Windows - anyway it is a great test vehicle, uses
everything ever implemented).  The current status is as follows:

With V4 or IE and OE
 - with builtin shlwapi,commctrl,comctl32
     . IE displays page, can even do, even runs javascript.
         + Certain menu popups either fail to display, or bomb.
         + Needs work in comctl32 rebar for extra space.
     . OE seems to basicly work.
         + Can display messages, change folders, and create messages.
         + Cannot invoke address book, but can request address list
           when creating new message.

V5 of OE
 - requires native commctrl, comctl32:
     . With builtin comctl32
         + OE fails to startup
     . With native commctrl, comctl32:
         + OE comes up but is mostly non-functional. Bombs on shutdown
           due to shlwapi.208 and shlwapi.210
V5 of IE
 - Does not start up yet. Requires native shlwapi
     . With native shlwapi, builtin comctl32
         + IE has black toolbars with white lines. Menu line real small.
     . With native shlwapi and comctl32:
         + IE has black bitmaps for button bar. Mostly functional, however
           cannot access dropdown arrow for address bar.

I really appreciate the MS developer that decided to implement menus in OE5
with objects and put some of his "common" code in shlwapi.

Guy Albertelli  <<galberte at>>

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