Which is correct? listview or treeview?

Bill Medland medbi01_1 at accpac.com
Wed Nov 21 15:58:54 CST 2001

With regard to my problem that I was getting infinite redraws in my listview
following Alexandre's change to server/user/message.c:

I eventually tracked it down to the fact our code used
SetRedraw(FALSE)/SetRedraw(TRUE) on a list control.  (So the bug can now be
demonstrated easily on e.g. the MFC RowList sample with a two-line change).
Now I see that in the case of LISTVIEW_SetRedraw DefWindowProc is called and
then RedrawWindow.
In the TREEVIEW_SetRedraw case it simply sets a flag within the treeview's

Which is (more) correct?

(And how does calling RedrawWindow once result in the repeated repainting of
the treeview anyway?)

I'm prepared to do the fix if no-one else can but I must admit that I am not
really up on the details of the invalidation/paint etc


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