Which is correct? listview or treeview?

Gerard Patel gerard.patel at nerim.net
Wed Nov 21 18:37:31 CST 2001

At 01:58 PM 21/11/2001 -0800, you wrote:
>With regard to my problem that I was getting infinite redraws in my listview
>following Alexandre's change to server/user/message.c:
>I eventually tracked it down to the fact our code used
>SetRedraw(FALSE)/SetRedraw(TRUE) on a list control.  (So the bug can now be
>demonstrated easily on e.g. the MFC RowList sample with a two-line change).
>Now I see that in the case of LISTVIEW_SetRedraw DefWindowProc is called and
>then RedrawWindow.
>In the TREEVIEW_SetRedraw case it simply sets a flag within the treeview's
>Which is (more) correct?

I have seen the same problem with the plain listbox

I have an app (Eudora) that is using WM_SETREDRAW on a listbox and found
that it was not possible to reproduce the app's behaviour without doing directly
a RedrawWindow. Andi commented it was ugly and unefficient (IIRC) and 
Alexandre Julliard ignored the patch anyway.

So I intended at some point to look at Listview and Treeview (with the nasty
intent to prove that I am right and they are wrong of course :-))
If you find that doing an explicit RedrawWindow is the right way (TM) I am
all for it.

OTOH, I have myself - at least ;-( - one regression pending for this patch.
The attached hack (on dlls/x11drv/winpos.c) fixes it, maybe with a lot of
luck it could fix your problem too ?

I'm not too hopeful as it does not seem related but you never know.


--- winpos.c.orig	Tue Nov 13 23:02:20 2001
+++ winpos.c	Thu Nov 22 00:24:35 2001
@@ -1464,6 +1464,14 @@
  *		X11DRV_ConfigureNotify
+Bool predicate(Display *display, XEvent *event, char *arg)
+    Window w = *((Window *) arg);
+    return ((event->type == ConfigureNotify) && 
+            (event->xany.window == w));
 void X11DRV_ConfigureNotify( HWND hwnd, XConfigureEvent *event )
     HWND oldInsertAfter;
@@ -1472,8 +1480,20 @@
     RECT rect;
     WINDOWPOS winpos;
     int x = event->x, y = event->y;
+    XConfigureEvent ev;
     if (!(win = WIN_GetPtr( hwnd ))) return;
+    while (XCheckIfEvent(event->display, (XEvent *)&ev,
+            predicate, (XPointer)&event->window))
+    {
+       event->x = ev.x;
+       event->y = ev.y;
+       event->width = ev.width;
+       event->height = ev.height;
+       event->above = ev.above;
+       event->send_event = ev.send_event;
+    }
     data = win->pDriverData;
     /* Get geometry */

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