PATCH: xterm support for wineconsole

eric pouech eric.pouech at
Wed Nov 28 13:46:47 CST 2001

Marcus Meissner wrote:
> Hi,
> This patch adds a XTERM backend to wineconsole.
> Some problems:
> - In full screen text applications (like IDA), the cursor shows sometimes
>   up in the wrong spot.
> - Scrolling does not work yet (so winedbg doesn't really work).
> - Uses config.h.
I still have some questions...

from a technical point of view, what didn't you use an ncurse (for
lib to handle the TERM issues ? the old code you grabbed doesn't work 
correctly for all TERM configurations... rewriting everythind isn't the
solution IMO

from a more usage point of view, it seemed that TERM support for
was more intended for supporting an existing UNIX console (like when
a command line tool and use the current TERM for interacting with it),
would mean in wineconsole case passing to wineconsole the handles of
TERM. furthermore, how to you plan to choose, when starting wineconsole,
the Win32 and the xterm backend ?

in other words, I'm more in favor of :
- Win32 backend for normal usage
- reusing current UNIX console when run in TERM mode (and not xterm),
and with
  the support of text mode lib (like ncurses)


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