Proposed solution for mouse capture problems

Jukka Heinonen jhei at
Thu Nov 29 08:01:43 CST 2001

Okay, here is my proposal about how to fix broken message
handling when mouse capturing is in effect. I would like to get
some comments so that I can see that I haven't missed anything 
essential and because I would like to know whether someone is already 
working on this... 

Proposal has three parts, but part number one is the most important
one, other two parts just show what would need to be done to make
capturing work like described in MSDN documentation.

1. Function process_raw_mouse_message should only determine which 
   window was under mouse and resend message to that window as 
   a cooked message. Everything else (especially separating normal
   messages from nonclient messages and handling mouse captures) 
   should be moved to process_cooked_mouse_message. Actually, 
   I fail to see why raw messages are needed at all, since function 
   SendInput could do this as well.

2. When requesting queued messages from wineserver, the request 
   should also include the window that is capturing mouse input in
   the current thread - or this could be stored in the wineserver.
   If there are queued cooked mouse messages, wineserver considers
   them as if all child windows of capturing window had the handle
   of the capturing window. This should prevent problems if application
   requests messages about a single window.

3. Supporting multi-threaded capture is actually the easiest part, 
   although it might be quite useless (Does any application really 
   require it?). When mouse button is pressed in capturing window, 
   process_cooked_mouse_message sets process-wide flag that states
   that global capture is in effect. After that, either
   process_raw_mouse_message or SendInput sees that this flag is
   set and resends all mouse messages to capturing window until
   button release message is received, which clears the flag.
   Function process_cooked_mouse_message needs to eat these messages
   if target window was not capturing window anymore. Proper locking
   should make sure that no important messages are lost (mouse move
   events are not important; we might lose button release event, but 
   only if capture has been stopped manually before that and in that 
   case not delivering button release is likely the best thing to do). 

Jukka Heinonen <>

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