New Idea

Matt Q turtleislow at
Wed Nov 28 21:04:13 CST 2001

I don't know if this is the right news group for this but what the heck...
This is a new idea I had.  It strikes me that it would be better if wine
some how customised it's self to a single users software/configuration...
I'd heard that sometimes when one thing is fixed it sometimes breaks
another...  This wouldn't be a problem if the thing that would
hypothetically get broken wasn't installed on the end users machine...  so
theoretically if you had some way of sending a patch to an end user which
corrected the problem at hand it would be good...  so what if every time
wine crashed it popped up a window and if the user wished it it would send
it's very verbose out put to some kind of a bug reporting system
(repository)... and in return search the repository for a patch for this
particular problem...   (using the verbose output)....  there is a chance
that the patch might break something else but in that case there is a chance
that it might find another patch to fix the whole situation...   they have a
system like this under M$ Win and netscape except that they rely on periodic
updates to take care of the problem...  but who is to say that every
computer is built the Same and has the Same sofware so that the Same super
patch will fix every one's computer...  Note 1...    If M$ screws anyone on
rights to this idea they can claim next logical step kind of like one step
shopping...  Note 2...   Basically the only two weakness of the system would
be One the inablility to match the output with a patch...  but with a decent
database program should that be problem?    and Two having enough programers
to right mini patches.....   I'm writing from memory but I think there are
300 developers....   wouldn't that be enough.....  just a thought though so
take it with a grain of salt...

p.s.  what brought this to mind back when I was following the wine project
much more closely, 2-3 years ago, when it was almost the only way to run
windows programs under linux, I'd heard that many of the problems could be
fixed by just a tweak here or there and mabey a few lines of code changed...
still don't know much C so I doubt I'll be much help as a developer

if you want to get back with me over this : )  ICQ#  135184436 turtleislow

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