can't debug mfc program

Guilherme Kunz guiok at
Tue Oct 2 10:51:01 CDT 2001


I am trying compile a mfc program with winelib. 

Well, i compiled the part of mfc which i need for use the program whitout 
erros or unresolved 
functions and compiled the mfc program with the without errors or 
unresolved functions, 
but when i ran the mfc program hapned "Segmentation Fault". 

I tried use gdb and winedbg but i can't run these debuggers, with gdb 
"Segmentation Fault" with or without breakpoints in the begining of the 
source and winedbg 
write only the first line in the window and go out. 

i tried use strace and "--debugmsg +all". 
*killed* exit_code=0 

#Segmentation fault (core dump) 
#gdb program core 
#Reading symbols /usr/local/lib/ ...... Segmentation fault (core 

Thank You 

guiok at 

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