Posic Support For Dos & Mac OS

Lucien LaCroix lacroixlucien at hotmail.com
Wed Oct 3 01:44:08 CDT 2001

I've heard rumors of projects or programs that would enable Posix in dos, is 
this possible?

There is one project that provides Posix support for Mac that I think 
everyone should be aware of. The address is at  
http://www.dsitri.de/projects/mac06/. I think this is an important page 
because there are many mac Users who would be glad to use Unix and 
*possibly* run WINE under it's engine. The text below is a quote from thier 
site. Based on the tools etc. that are given below, if someone could advise 
me what tools in 8minimum* are needed to compile the source code, then I 
will attempt it and let everyone know. PC Emulators are getting expensive 
and the only open-source Mac PC Emu (Bochs) is no longer being worked on, so 
we are stuck with an old copy.  :)

Mac06 ("Mac oh six"), is a POSIX library and a system kernel running on top 
of MacOS. Some features are: 

*	UNIX like file system using HFS with full Finder integration
*	POSIX libc.a and #include headers, curses library
*	POSIX shell
*	commands like ll, cd, cat, xd, echo, find, fgrep, ...
*	software development package (assemblers, C compiler, linker) for Motorola 
680x0, Power PC including AltiVec, Z80, Java Virtual Machine and others
*	communication package for TCP/IP (telnet, mail, ftp, ...)
*	runs MacOS native applications written with Think C/Symantec C++/MPW/Code 
*	HTML based online manual

Mac06 IDE is an Interactive Software Development Environment based on the 
Mac06 compilers with

*	Project Manager
*	Multitarget Build/Make function
*	Builtin Source File Editor
*	Drag&Drop User interface

Do you want to

1.	learn UNIX to prepare yourself for MacOS X?
2.	have a very simple installation for a UNIX like system?
3.	switch between MacOS (Finder) and a UNIX like system without rebooting?
4.	run legacy software written for UNIX (C/C++ based on POSIX libraries) on 
a Mac?
5.	have a low-end Mac (68k or PPC Performa) and want a simple solution to 
run UNIX?
6.	have a Performa 5200 or 5300 on which neither MkLinux nor Linux68k will 
7.	do software development for embedded controllers (680x0, PowerPC, Z80, 
ARM, ...) on a Mac with familiar UNIX tools and POSIX libraries?

Then, Mac06 ("Mac oh six"), the POSIX library and system kernel running on 
top of MacOS can be a solution for you.

Features of Mac06

*	Direct installation - just download-expand&run
*	Fully Finder-integrated UNIX like file system (based on HFS)
*	Shared CPU - processes run in parallel with MacOS
*	Command line shell based on POSIX.2 standard (currently supports only a 
*	Rich set of standard commands like sh, ll, cd, cat, xd, echo, find, fgrep, 
tar, uuencode, ...
*	Extensive HTML based online manual
*	High performance software development package for ANSI/ISO-C (includes 
generic assembler for 680x0, PowerPC&AlitVec, Z80, ARM, and others) with 
flexible make tool (mk)
*	Full libc and #include headers (mostly POSIX.1 and some POSIX.4 standard 
*	Communication package for TCP/IP (telnet, ftp, mail, ...)
*	Full POSIX terminal support (/dev/console, /dev/tty are mapped to terminal 
windows - have a look at a screen shot) including terminal control 
(tcsetattr() etc.)
*	Full "curses" terminal driver library

Upcoming: Features of Mac06 IDE

*	Direct installation - just download-expand&run
*	Full MacOS Dialog, Window and Menu based application (have a look at a 
screen shot)
*	Use Drag&Drop to add source files
*	Integrated Source File Editor capable of handling large files (>32000 
*	Project Manager
*	Multi-Target (Programs and Libraries) projects
*	allows IMPORT of projects
*	Build/Make function fully compatible with the mk command

System requirements

*	System 7.0 or later (tested on 7.5.5 and 8.5)
*	Mac with at least 68020 and 8 MB of RAM (tested intensively on a PowerBook 
165 and a Performa 5200)
*	approx. 15 MB hard disk space

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