CVS, diffs, and a newbie (me)

Bill Medland medbi01_1 at
Thu Oct 4 12:29:38 CDT 2001

Daniel Sabo wrote in message <5710.3bbc23c2.613e1 at>...
>What is the proper way to submit a patch to wine? Do you need a
>special password to use cvs commit or can you only mail in diffs?
>How do you make a propper diff (yeah, I'm really new at this)?

We submit diffs and some special people review them and commit them to the

This is the way that I do it.

My .cvsrc file specifies
cvs -z 3
update -Pd
diff -u

The -u on the diff is important.

Then I sit just below the "wine" on my machine and, for example for all the
changes in the documentation directory, I do
cvs diff wine/documentation >diff.txt

I then edit diff.txt (actually I number my diff files for my convenience)
and add my name and email address at the top and then the description of the
change.  At the same time I check that the diff file makes sense.

If I wer a good boy I would then test the patch against a clean local copy
of the code, using "patch --dry_run"

Finally I email in the diff file to wine-patches.


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