OLE File Format Documentation

Andreas Mohr a.mohr at mailto.de
Fri Oct 5 09:57:12 CDT 2001

On Thu, Oct 04, 2001 at 11:41:53AM -0700, Charles Wyble wrote:
> 	Hello Everyone.
> 	My name is Charles Wyble, and I am working on an
> open-source 
> library for reading/writing ole files.
> 	I want to get all the documentation/source code I
> can. So far,
> I have gotten things from:
> 	1)John E. Adams(provided an ole-dump utility)
> 	2)Martin Schwartz's document
> 	3)libole2
> 	4)The Filters Project
> 	I was wondering if the wine developers, have any
> source documentation
> to share? Also which modules contain the ole source
> code in CVS?

(some parts aren't implemented yet)

> 	If you are interested in the items I have gathered, I
> can post them
> to the list or an FTP/WEB site.
I'm not working on OLE stuff, so I can't tell.

Andreas Mohr                        Stauferstr. 6, D-71272 Renningen, Germany

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