Rendering problem in NetTerm

Mike McCormack mike_mccormack at
Mon Oct 8 20:35:39 CDT 2001

Hi All,

i'm trying to solve a comms problem in NetTerm but i've run into another problem.

The rendering in NetTerm fails almost completely. Its main window ends
up with only the boarders drawn and will draw some toolbar buttons if
i move the mouse over them.

The following message appears repeatedly in the debug log:

err:region:CombineRgn Invalid rgn=1096

i did a bit of tracing of the app and found that the region 1096 is
created, used by a DC, destroyed, then used again.

Is it possible that the reference count of the region is incremented
when it is used in some way by a DC? A similar problem to the
reference counting one Uwe Bonnes discovered (see message to this list
on 16 Aug)?


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>Subject: wine serial support
>I use wine to run a terminal emulator (NetTerm).
>It connects to a Linux Server (it was meant to run from windows) that
runs a commerce software.
>This Linux commerce software sends the terminal emulator escape codes
to interface with a
>"ticket" printer attached to a serial port.
>The reason to go thru all this problem is that the printer has a
proprietary, closed source driver
>for windows only and interface only with netterm.
>With wine 20001026 this works greatfull.  The application takes 3
seconds to startup
>in a P133 machine.
>However, the serial communication part does not work with the later
versions of wine
>like 20010731.  The application reports as if there is no serial port
and wine complains
>with some fixmes about comm support.
>Did wine suffered a big serial change over the last year?
>Now the important thing:
>What can I do to help debug this problem (and make it work
>on latest wine versions)?
>Run it in the latest wine with --debugmsg +all is enough?
>Raul Dias

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