using a webcam driver for windows

Hrafnkell Eiríksson he at
Tue Oct 9 06:40:55 CDT 2001


This might be a silly question, but would it be possible to
use wine with a parallel port webcam driver and an windows
application to show images to use a webcam in linux that
only has windows suport? I'm thinking about how to get my
Logitech QuickCam VC to work in linux :)

I know that wine can to some extent access the parallel port
in linux. I'm not very familiar with the inner workings of
windows, but I guess the camera driver is something called
.VxD? Would it be possible to let wine use that somehow?
Or does wine not work at that low level? 

If it is possible to do this, is there something that a
guy armed with a C compiler but almost no understanding of 
windows and wine internals can get working?


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