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Uwe Bonnes bon at
Wed Oct 10 12:40:11 CDT 2001

>>>>> "Alexandre" == Alexandre Julliard <julliard at> writes:

    Alexandre> It will be called only if the process has created a top-level
    Alexandre> window. Could you check if this is the case?

There are some warnings where I don't find a CreateWindow issued by that
function before, but these warnings also happen after a CretaeWindow call:

  136831 096ed458:Call user32.CreateWindowExA(00000000,0048253c "ISINSTALLSCLASS",405f64e8 "I:\\SETUP.INS",80000000,00000000,00000000,00000000,00000000,0001002b,00000000,00400000,00000000) ret=0041623d
  136884 096ed458:Ret  user32.CreateWindowExA() retval=0001002c ret=0041623d
  137340 096ed458:Call user32.CreateWindowExA(00000000,00483a6c "ISBarCls",00483a68 "Bar",40000000,0000000c,0000003e,0000019c,00000018,0001002d,00000640,00400000,00000000) ret=00459706
  137401 096ed458:Ret  user32.CreateWindowExA() retval=00010032 ret=00459706
  147653 096ed458:Call user32.SendMessageA(ffffffff,0000c00f,00000000,00000000) ret=0040fda8
  147654 trace:message:SPY_EnterMessage (00010047) "DlgcacWinName"  message [c00f] WM_USER+bc0f sent from self wp=00000000 lp=00000000
  147655 096ed458:Call window proc 0x403729 (hwnd=00010047,msg=WM_USER+bc0f,wp=00000000,lp=00000000)
  147656 096ed458:Call user32.DefWindowProcA(00010047,0000c00f,00000000,00000000) ret=00403812
  147657 trace:message:SPY_EnterMessage     (00010047)  DefWindowProc32: WM_USER+bc0f [c00f]  wp=00000000 lp=00000000
  147658 trace:message:SPY_ExitMessage      (00010047)  DefWindowProc32: WM_USER+bc0f [c00f] returned 00000000
  147659 096ed458:Ret  user32.DefWindowProcA() retval=00000000 ret=00403812
  147680 err:win:WIN_FindWndPtr window 1002a belongs to other process
  147681 err:win:WIN_FindWndPtr window 10021 belongs to other process
  147682 err:win:WIN_FindWndPtr window 10029 belongs to other process
  147683 096ed458:Ret  user32.SendMessageA() retval=00000001 ret=0040fda8

It seems that 10021,10029 and 1002a really are outside the scope of that
The WIN_FindWndPtr message flooded the xterm during install, so I supected
soething still wrong...

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