lawson_whitney at lawson_whitney at
Thu Oct 11 21:23:48 CDT 2001

Good day!

I like winemaker, but it frustrates me.

Given a standard wine installation (from source in /oof/wine,
./configure, make depend && make, make install) and a little winelib
program with a handmade .spec file in subdirectory wlp, and the command

winemaker --nosource-fix --console --nogenerated-specs \
--single-target toj2 wlp

why does it make a configure script that can find -lwine, but can not
find -lntdll - ?  They are both in /usr/local/lib

checking whether we can build a Linux dll... yes
checking whether we need to define __i386__... no
checking for g++ -fpermissive option... yes
checking for g++ -fno-for-scope option... yes
checking for windef.h header... /usr/local/include/wine
checking for -lwine...
checking for configure: error: Could not find the Wine dlls (

The Winelib program is responsible to bring you this letter, but I had
to hand-hack some scripts to get it to compile.

Well, it may take me a while, but you or I will solve it.



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