wine/port.h #include fixes

Roger Fujii rmf at
Mon Oct 15 15:41:16 CDT 2001

fgouget at wrote:

>    Doing this (except for port.h) I have a tree that builds on Solaris
> with no _FILE_OFFSET_BITS warning. So if the above sounds good, I have
> patches that are almost ready.

does this build run on solaris?  I've been trying for the last couple of
days to get the beast to run (compiles ok), but it segfaults in various places
(currently in NtCurrentTeb()).  This in on a solaris 8 dual CPU unit.
This is using gas/gld (results were worse with as/ld).  

Any pointers on debugging this thing?



Roger Fujii <rmf at>
Underemployed, and trying to keep it that way....

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