wine/port.h #include fixes

Roger Fujii rmf at
Mon Oct 15 17:14:01 CDT 2001

Jeremy White wrote:
> It's slowly coming around (Francois recent patches are key),
> but we still have some fairly serious issues. isn't me... ;)
> You've hit the first issue - being sure to use the
> GNU tool chain.
> Doing a cvs update and trying again (after, of course,
> Alexandre commits Francois' recent patches) may
> bring you more joy.

keeping fingers crossed...
> FYI, the #1 bug we're hitting is that in Linux/glibc,
> you can do printf("%s", NULL), and in Solaris that
> brings righteous death.

well, I suppose as a temporary hack, you can link with /lib/0 at
which will put a 0 at 0, thus causing it to not do anything instead of
segfaulting.  Wouldn't recommend this as a permanent fix, as passing
down null to printf isn't a good idea in general, IMHO.

> Jer
> Roger Fujii wrote:
> > fgouget at wrote:
> >
> >
> >>   Doing this (except for port.h) I have a tree that builds on Solaris
> >>with no _FILE_OFFSET_BITS warning. So if the above sounds good, I have
> >>patches that are almost ready.
> >>
> >>
> >
> > does this build run on solaris?  I've been trying for the last couple of
> > days to get the beast to run (compiles ok), but it segfaults in various places
> > (currently in NtCurrentTeb()).  This in on a solaris 8 dual CPU unit.
> > This is using gas/gld (results were worse with as/ld).
> >
> > Any pointers on debugging this thing?
> >
> > Thanks.

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