InstallShield 6 - success

Gavriel State gav at
Tue Oct 16 01:30:32 CDT 2001

Dan Kegel wrote:
> Ove Kaaven wrote:
> >
> > Apart from the two patches I just submitted to wine-patches, a
> > stdole32.tlb from real Windows, and the registry entries in
> > winedefault.reg, you need my interprocess com hacks, which I've now put on
> > WineHQ:
> >
> > The installation progress bar doesn't seem to display for some reason
> > (might be a repaint issue or something else related to Alexandre's latest
> > work, or something completely different, don't know), but anyway, even if
> > it doesn't tell you its progress, it actually successfully installs now!
> Huzzah!  So where do we send the beer and pizza to thank you? :-)

Well, in addition to sending pizza to Ove (I don't think he likes beer),
you might consider telling all your friends to sign up for our subscription
services. 8-)

Ove's work has been part of the final push we're doing before going 
live on October 22nd.


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TransGaming Technologies Inc.
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