wine/port.h #include fixes

Roger Fujii rmf at
Wed Oct 17 10:49:11 CDT 2001

> It's slowly coming around (Francois recent patches are key),
> but we still have some fairly serious issues.

Is this in?  As of 10/17, it still blows up in NtCurrentTeb().
What does this function do? - is it trying to use a protected
instruction? (in x86 instruction knowledge is pretty dated).

> You've hit the first issue - being sure to use the
> GNU tool chain.

yup... want to try tackling that once I get the program to
at least come up...
> Doing a cvs update and trying again (after, of course,
> Alexandre commits Francois' recent patches) may
> bring you more joy.

a bold statement.. :)

I presume that you don't have to install it to test it out, right?
(so long as I have LD_LIBRARY_PATH set to dlls:.).  

I take it that someone does have something that works on solx86?


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