SystemParametersInfo / GetSystemMetrics

Alexandre Julliard julliard at
Wed Oct 17 14:19:37 CDT 2001

Andriy Palamarchuk <apa3a at> writes:

> Submitting the same patch in more digestable form -
> put all the changes in one diff file. 

Thanks, it's *much* better this way. Splitting patches into different
files makes them a pain to deal with.

> Created new infrastructure for GetSystemMetrics and
> SystemParametersInfo functions. Used it toto implement
> system parameters. Created unit test.

I'm not sure the infrastructure for sysmetrics is really
necessary. I'd prefer that all the registry handling remain in the
sysparams handling, and have SYSMETRICS_Init call SystemParametersInfo
to initialize the few metrics that need it.

Alexandre Julliard
julliard at

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