Q: Unimplemented control 256 for VxD device VNETBIOS

Michael Riedel mriedel at inova-semiconductors.de
Thu Oct 18 04:29:34 CDT 2001

I am going to migrate the EDA software environment from Windows NT to 
Linux but I have still some software components requireing Windows. 
That's why I use Wine. I own and use some software packages licensed to 
a valid MAC address (flexlm MAC based license) and the corresponding NIC 
is present in the Linux system.

Using wine-20010824 I get the following message:

fixme:win32:DeviceIoControl Unimplemented control 256 for VxD device 

I scanned the Web resources and studied the file 'win32/device.c' a 
little bit but I got no answers to my questions. Is there already a 
solution/implementation for this service? I am also ready to contribute 
(at least I hope I'm able to do so and it would be fun ;-) but I need 
some advice (docus, especially related to the VNETBIOS VxD and some 
general hints).

I'm looking forward for any hints.

  mriedel at inova-semiconductors.de

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