giorgian giorgian at
Sat Oct 20 09:42:24 CDT 2001

Hi all,

I'm working on a program under Wine.
It works well using the Microsoft's OLE32, but we *absolutely* need it 
to work without it.

The program crashes little after starting, inside the 
DataCache_GetAdvise function (in datacache.c),  on the instruction:


I tried to find out the problem, but I only understood that the 
structure this (created by the macro 
_ICOM_THIS_From_IViewObject2(DataCache, iface) ) is corrupted:
this->sinkInterface is NULL.

Can anybody help? (at least tell me if there's some explanation on the 
datacache.c file)

thank you

Pietro Giorgianni - Icube s.r.l. Via Ridolfi, 15 Pisa (Italy)
giorgian at

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