MCI Question -- sound problem

raddy rad2k at
Sat Oct 20 07:25:18 CDT 2001

Hello guys.

I've had a problem for a week already, and ive tried #winehq but they 
told me to suscribe to winedevel list so here i am. The problem is with 
sound support.

Ive been able to make counter-strike (half-life game mod) run perfectly 
on my system, i have network support, opengl support and it all works 
perfectly ...still, i have no sound.

(forgot to say that no sound in ANY applications i run besides this game)

I have no previous windows installation, so i grabbed a system.ini file 
from a working windows 98 system.

I also copied all mci* files from a working Windows installation in 
order to fix my problem but it seems it did not work.

I have ALSA installed in a 2.4 kernel (soon 2.4.12). The errors the game 
prompts me are all about not being able to use the MCI system for 
playback ( i believe that means the mci wave  driver for playing wav 
files ).

Another weird thing is that THERE IS some sound while browsing the game 
menus (whenever i click in any menu option ) once i accept the error 
messages. Still, when the real thing starts its all muted.

A strange thing i noticed is that my ~/.wine/config file didnt have any 
mci files in any of its config tags, but  other people did, so i added 
them. using the native and builting options:

"mcicda.drv"   = "builtin, native"
"mciseq.drv"   = "builtin, native"
"mciwave.drv"  = "builtin, native"
"mciavi.drv"   = "native, builtin"
"mcianim.drv"  = "native, builtin"

Yes, in my override tag.

So, im no wine expert at all, but it seems Wine isnt using *at all* my 
windows 98 mci drivers located in wines c:\windows\system directory.

Please, id rather need instant help, the linux gamers require gamming 
hours daily.

Btw, ive downloaded the last source targz file from your site, and i was 
unable to make Winsock support work at all, ive heard of another guy 
that had the same problem, so i  made him download the previous one and 
worked as it did for me too. Please check that out.
Feel free to check out my cave at :

Have a nice day,


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