MCI Question -- sound problem

eric pouech eric.pouech at
Sun Oct 21 16:57:15 CDT 2001

> fixme:dsound:IDirectSoundImpl_SetCooperativeLevel
> (0x4283302c,00001a3c,3):stub
> fixme:dsound:IDirectSoundBufferImpl_QueryInterface
> {279afa86-4981-11ce-a521-0020
dsound gets used...

> Warning: /halflife.wad not accessible from a DOS drive
this is stranger... did you start hl from its directory ? (you should)

> Well the game is having a differente behaviour than earlier today but i
> still have no sound at all.  Ah! allright, if i launch the game without
> the -console parameter, i get the first screen errors:
> "Could not open MCI file for playback: 266: There is an undetectable
> problem in loading the specified device driver." that message is
> prompted twice and whenever i click on the OK option i get the Click
> sound played.
> If i run the game with -debugmsg +mciwave i get the very same first
> screen error message
for this one, try with -debugmsg +mci (error seems to have occured
than I first thought)

> "Unable to initialize wavein. Trying DirectSound unable to initia li ze
> Wave input . You wont be able to speak to other players throught a
> microphone."
this is another part, current directsound implementation doesn't
supports recording... (used here...)

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