RPCRT4 Uuid String functions

David Elliott dfe at tgwbd.org
Mon Oct 22 17:14:57 CDT 2001

On 2001.10.21 18:34 David Elliott wrote:
> This one should properly implement all of the Uuid*String[AW] functions
> in
> NOTE, this includes a bugfix to the existing UuidToStringA in that it
> does
> not allocate enough space to store the string it outputs. (it is short by
> 2
> chars).
> -Dave

Noticed that Alexandre applied my NTDLL patch, but not this one.

Hmm, now that I am looking at this I guess the swprintf is defined in NTDLL
so I should just use that... WHOOPS, did a lot more coding than I had to.

I will rework this to use the much saner method and resend the patch later

Oh well, at least we got a free implementation of wcstoul out of it. :-)

If I am on the wrong track here, lemme know.  Originally I had thought that
something like a printf function would only be declared in MSVCRT and
didn't want to import that, but now that I am looking at it it seems that
MSVCRT only forwards to NTDLL.

Gotta get out of that UNIX mindset and into the windows one I guess.


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