RPCRT4 Uuid String functions

David Elliott dfe at tgwbd.org
Mon Oct 22 23:16:56 CDT 2001

On 2001.10.22 18:28 Francois Gouget wrote:
> On Mon, 22 Oct 2001, David Elliott wrote:
> [...]
> > Hmm, now that I am looking at this I guess the swprintf is defined in
> > so I should just use that... WHOOPS, did a lot more coding than I had
> to.
> > 
> > I will rework this to use the much saner method and resend the patch
> later
> > tonight.
> > 
> > Oh well, at least we got a free implementation of wcstoul out of it.
> :-)
> > 
> > If I am on the wrong track here, lemme know.  Originally I had thought
> that
> > something like a printf function would only be declared in MSVCRT and
> > didn't want to import that, but now that I am looking at it it seems
> that
> > MSVCRT only forwards to NTDLL.
>    Actually there's quite a few *printf implementations in the Wine
> tree. Too many I would say. What's more, IIRC most of them are
> incomplete as they do not support %S and %C (Unicode for ANSI printfs,
> ANSI for Unicode printfs). I believe this whole thing needs a good
> cleanup...
>    Ah, I knew I had entered a bug report for that one:
> http://wine.codeweavers.com/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=321
>    sscanf too may need some cleaning. Any volunteers?
Yes.  I am good at stuff like this.  It's easy, you look at the manpage and
implement it, and then go back and put in MS hacks.  No design involved
there or trying to figure out MSes crappy design since it uses normal POSIX

Besides, a mostly working sscanf/sprintf (both normal and unicode) is kind
of a requirement to write these functions correctly rather than rewrite
part of sscanf as I did.

> > Gotta get out of that UNIX mindset and into the windows one I guess.
>    Preferably not ;-)
:-)  True, but on the other hand I believe the higher level libraries
should not require calling into POSIX unless absolutely necessary; i.e.
being able to take a wine dll, compile it into a PE DLL and use it in real
Windows would be kind of a cool thing.  Obviously this is not possible
everywhere, but for these particular RPCRT4 functions I see no reason why
they should require more than what NTDLL provides (since NTDLL seems to
provide basically everything, at least if it was completely implemented).

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>   Any sufficiently advanced Operating System is indistinguishable from
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What's the corrolary to that.  Any crappy OS or GUI is indistinguishable
from Windows?  Should I dare say "See KDE for an example." :-/


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