usleep in winmm/wineoss audio

eric pouech eric.pouech at
Tue Oct 23 16:02:54 CDT 2001

Simon Britnell wrote:
> --- eric pouech <eric.pouech at> wrote:
> > after, rereading my old code, there's nothing wrong
> > (at first glance) here some invocations (like close,
> > reset) need to be synchronous
> > (the calling thread blocks until the rendering
> > thread is done with the message), some others (like
> > adding a wavehdr for play back)
> > are asynchronous, hence the difference
> I added a WaitForSingleObject late last PM as an
> experiment.  The results were ... interesting.
> The first thing I noticed was that my problem
> attaching to the process went away, ie. winedbg
> started to work.  
hmmm we should be able to attach to a waiting process (what was the
error number you got when trying to attach winedbg ?)

> The second thing that happened was
> that the problem I experience went from being
> intermittant to constant and now also invariably
> throws a page fault exception (in the same place it
> intermittantly threw an exception).  
ok, so making the wavehdr playback synchronous seems to trigger
this bug...

> Tracing back from
> that page fault is proving difficult as the page fault
> occurs with a value that's been stored on the heap at
> some prior point in the execution.  Any tips for rapid
> location of where it's being stored?  I suspect it's a
> null return from a wine system call.
well, usually you can:
1/ use a bt in winedbg to get back (or in some calls) where
the problem occured
2/ run with -debugmsg +relay to get the return values from some
calls (but it is likely that it'll interfere with your program, 
as the -debugmsg +wave does)

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