datacache bug

giorgian giorgian at
Wed Oct 24 07:36:42 CDT 2001

hi all,

as i wrote few days ago, there's a problem with the DataCache_GetAdvise
function in dlls/ole32/datacache.c:
the call


crashes since this->sinkInterface is NULL.

executing the program with the --debugmsg +relay option i've seen
that there are no calls to DataCache_SetAdvise before this call, the
sinkInferface field is not initialized.

but the program works well under M$window$.

looking here and there in the source, i tried to replace this call with


i don't know why, but it works.

ok, what should i do now to let the world know this?

Pietro Giorgianni, Icube s.r.l. (via Ridolfi, 15 - Pisa (Italy))
giorgian at

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