WINE and Haxial programs

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Sat Oct 27 09:51:02 CDT 2001

Hi There

My company produces a few programs that run on Windows and MacOS.  Some 
of the users of these programs have been experimenting using WINE to run 
the programs on Linux.

This is what they have been saying:  "the KDX server runs FLAWLESSLY, 
100% perfect, better than solitaire runs"

However, there is one caveat to the above:  I'm told that text input 
doesn't work when running KDX using WINE on Linux.

I was wondering if I would be able to work with WINE developers in making 
KDX run perfectly on Linux using WINE.  I think you would find this to be 
an easier task than usual because KDX only uses a *minimal* amount of 
windoze APIs.

For example, KDX implements it's own GUI, it does not use the windoze API 
for that.  Also, KDX even implements it's own graphics routines, it does 
not use the windoze GDI functions (except for the final step of getting 
the images onto the screen).  KDX loads no obscure DLL's, it's just a 
single .exe file.   It does not use MDI or any crap like that.  It does 
not access the registry.  It does not use MFC.  So I think it would be 
much easier for WINE than your average windoze program.

Which probably explains why it's already running well, except there is 
some bug, probably a minor little thing, that is preventing text input 
from working.

The website is:


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