Wine and Starcraft

geschrader geschrader at
Sun Oct 28 22:56:44 CST 2001

  I've been pecking away attempting to track down why the current wine
build won't run Starcraft. When it starts up I get the effect that I
playfully refer to as the TSOD (Technicolor Screen Of Death).

What I've found is that if all of the references to  gdi_display in
X11DRV_DDHAL_SetPalEntries( ) are replaced with thread_display( )
then it actually starts up and looks pretty good. However, the keyboard
and mouse don't work so this is at best a partial fix. I'm pretty sure that
this is on the right track since X11DRV_XF86DGA2_CreatePalette( )
uses thread_display( ) to make the palette that is eventually given to
X11DRV_DDHAL_SetPalEntries( ).

The only other function in dlls/x11drv/x11ddraw.c that uses gdi_display
is X11DRV_DDHAL_DestroyPalette( ). Should thread_display( ) be
used there also?

How is gdi_display related to the display returned by thread_display( )?
Both are used in quite a few places but they're obviously not the same 

Can anybody give me some hints on what might be happening with the
keyboard and mouse?

Thanks much,


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