dde problems

eric pouech eric.pouech at wanadoo.fr
Tue Oct 30 14:48:33 CST 2001

Josh Duncan wrote:
> I have attached a log file, containing the last ~100 lines of wine execution.
> (the command I ran was "wine --debugmsg +dde,+relay --managed ./LOGOS.EXE")
well, this is a crash in DdeUninitialize16... I'll have a look at it...
but, could resend me (directly, no need to cc wine-devel) the same trace
with --debugmsg +ddeml,+relay (instead of +dde) this would help me a bit
(and also the full -debugmsg +ddeml log (without relay), because it
seems that
some dde activity takes place before and may be the cause of the issues)

> am I doing something wrong if wine locks up my computer about half of the time
> that I try running this app?  sometimes I can go back to a virtual console and
> kill the wine processes(which in turn kills X, annoying but not so bad since xdm
> kicks in), but often I have to reach for the power button.
well, not really... but it's hard to tell the reason why

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