Anyone compiled Borland OWL (Object Windows Library) with winelib ?

eric pouech eric.pouech at
Tue Oct 30 14:53:39 CST 2001

> Q1: Have You heard about anyone who compiled Borland OWL (Object
> Windows Library) based project with winelib ?
not to my knowledge

> Anyway I have a project which IS written in OWL and need to check
> how hard will it be to make it working under Linux without
> rewriting it all.
well, it might be possible. some folks have been successful with MFC
however, it has to be checked which BCC++ specific extensions were
used by OWL

> I belive I have the sources for complete OWL of course.
this would be necessary... since OWL is a C++ lib, the DLL linking
is done on decorated names, and since GCC and BCC don't use the same
you need to recompile OWL

> Q2: With You expirience what would You say to that statment:
> If my OWL-based program works under Wine it should be convertable
> to winelib.
> How true is that statment ?
well, it has to be further checked. I'd say likely (as it's possible
with MFC)

> Q3: I have read docs about using winelib and seen that there is
> MS Visual C++ mentioned many times. Does MS VC++ have some kind
> of support in winemake or in winelib itself ? 
what winemaker does provide is a quick way to convert an existing
code base for building into winelib. however, it doesn't provide (yet)
the project/dependencies/specific rules you can build in any powerful

> Does OWL case differ much from MS VC++ ?
they are different beasts. OWL is a C++ lib, MS VC++ is
coffee machine (oops this has been disabled lately for C# compliance)


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